Oromo Ministry

The Oromo congregation is a ministry of Christ Lutheran Church.  

The Oromo people are the native inhabitants of and the largest ethnic group in Eastern Africa.  The Oromo congregation hold their worship services at Christ Lutheran Lutheran Church in Platte Woods, Missouri.

Pastor Abdi Megerssa Selbana has served as pastor of the Oromo congregation since his installation in 2018.  

Pastor Abdi is married and has an 18 year old son and a daughter who attends Martin Lutheran Academy.

The Oromo congregation has one worship service on Sundays that starts at 12:00 pm, which is held in the Ephphatha room.  The congregation also meets on Wednesday mornings for a combination prayer service and bible study.

The Oromo children are very active and participate along side the Christ Lutheran children in various educational opportunities such as Vacation Bible School (VBS,) Sunday School, and Weekday School as well as many social events.