The elders of Christ Lutheran Church assist the pastors in various forms of discipleship like:  making calls on church members at their homes, visiting members that are hospitalized and helping serve communion during divine services.  The elders serve as pairs and are divided into the eight districts below.

To determine which Elder district you live in, just look by the geographic area under your name in the church directory or contact the church secretary or one of the pastors.

Director of Elders:  Shawn Smith

  Elder Districts   Elders
  District 1   Tom Watson & Shawn Smith
  District 2   John Henrichs & Joe Graham
  District 3   Lowell Smith & Jeffrey Ferguson
  District 4   Russell Hollander & Jerry Pietsch
  District 5   Jeff Faller & Ken Lyons
  District 6   Kevin Smith & Brian Repplinger
  District 7   Phil Daley
  District 8   Roger Lewis & Derek Rothert
  At large   Larry Scroggins