Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Since we are unable to gather during Lent, your Pastors are recording videos for your individual and/or family devotional time. Please make some time in your schedule to view the videos below as they become available. Also, please consider subscribing to our Christ Lutheran YouTube channel to see all past devotion and worship service videos. Be sure to click the “Subscribe” button. 

We are also recording Pre-K Chapel devotion videos as well.  Click here to see these videos.

To find the past church worship service videos and service bulletins, click here.

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The Lord bless you and Keep you.

In His Service.

Pastor Arnold

Click on the links below access the Devotion Videos

Friday, May 29th Ascensiontide Family Devotion

Thursday, May 28th Ascensiontide Family Devotion

Wednesday, May 27th Ascensiontide Family Devotion

Tuesday, May 26th Ascensiontide Family Devotion

Monday, May 25th Memorial Day Family Devotion

Friday, May 22nd Ascensiontide Family Devotion

Thursday, May 21st Easter Family Devotion

Wednesday, May 20th Easter Family Devotion

Tuesday, May 19th Easter Family Devotion

Monday, May 18th Easter Family Devotion

Friday, May 15th Easter Family Devotion

Thursday, May 14th Easter Family Devotion

Wednesday, May 13th Easter Family Devotion

Tuesday, May 12th Easter Family Devotion

Monday, May 11th Easter Family Devotion

Friday, May 8th Easter Family Devotion

Thursday, May 7th Easter Family Devotion

Wednesday, May 6th Easter Family Devotion

Tuesday, May 5th Easter Family Devotion

Monday, May 4th Easter Family Devotion

Friday, May 1st Easter Family Devotion

Thursday, April 30th Easter Family Devotion

Wednesday, April 29th Easter Family Devotion

Tuesday, April 28th Easter Family Devotion

Monday, April 27th Easter Family Devotion

Friday, April 24th Easter Family Devotion

Thursday, April 23rd Easter Family Devotion

Wednesday, April 22nd Easter Family Devotion

Tuesday, April 21st Easter Family Devotion

Monday, April 20th Easter Family Devotion

Friday, April 17th Easter Family Devotion

Thursday, April 16th Easter Family Devotion

Wednesday, April 15th Easter Family Devotion

Tuesday, April 14th Easter Family Devotion

Monday, April 13th Easter Family Devotion

Wednesday, April 8th Holy Week Devotion

Tuesday, April 7th Holy Week Devotion

Monday, April 6th Holy Week Devotion

Friday, April 3rd Lenten Devotion

Thursday, April 2nd Lenten Devotion

Tuesday, March 31st Lenten Devotion

Monday, March 30th Lenten Devotion

Friday, March 27th Lenten Devotion

Thursday, March 26th Lenten Devotion

Tuesday, March 24th Lenten Devotion

Monday, March 23rd Lenten Devotion

Friday, March 20th Lenten Devotion

Thursday, March 19th Lenten Devotion