Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves Christ Lutheran Church through volunteerism and leadership in conjunction with pastors and staff, committee members, and fellow members.  Each position is elected for a two-year term.  The Board of Directors are as follows:


  • President:  Roger Lewis

  • Vice President:  Jeff Faller

  • Secretary:  Phil Daley

  • Treasurer:  Andrew Spidle

  • Director of Buildings:  John Winfrey

  • Director of Education:  Stephen O'Toole

  • Director of Elders:  Lowell Smith

  • Director of Fellowship:  Jason Hester

  • Director of Finance:  Steve Foutch

  • Director of Grounds:  Chuck Eberth

  • Director of OASIS:  Kirk Henry

  • Director of Outreach:  Matt Miller

  • Director of Public Relations:  Gary Bartek

  • Director of Stewardship:  Jeff Ferguson

  • Director of Youth:  Shane Rogers